Over the years…
many artists have recorded a live project here at the Station Inn. Many, of course, record from their live show or a series of shows.  Sometimes, and to afford greater control, they’ll record over-dubs, some or all of the project at times other than when a audience is present.

As you might imagine…
if a project bears the name “Live at the Station Inn,” the quality of the final product is of concern to us.  Generally, if the artist is booked for a show or two, we’re reasonably sure that final product will be favorable for the artist, as well as, the Station Inn.

If a project is to be recorded entirely at times other than when an audience is present, it stands to reason that we take a very special interest in likelihood of a quality final product. And, while the opportunity to record in this manner is not extended to everyone, we do on occasion have inquiries into what we can provide.

Keep in mind…
this is Nashville. With nearly unlimited resources around us, we can provide various levels of participation including:

  • Facility Only (you provide crew, production responsibility and post-production)
  • Facility & Engineering (you handle production responsibility & post-production)
  • Full Production (including facility, engineer, producer & mastering)
  • Complete Product (including facility, engineer, producer, mastering, art, packaging & replication)

Please inquire using the form below: